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Africa Marketing Confederation (AMC)

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The African Marketing Confederation is the ground-breaking Pan African body of marketing professionals spearheading the ongoing development of the highest possible standards of marketing across Africa.
As the umbrella body for African marketing associations, institutes and organisations, the AMC is focused on promoting and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity among the marketing fraternity of the continent. By unifying the bodies in the various countries, the AMC is uniquely positioned to facilitate the exchange of expertise, information and intellectual capital by providing a platform to grow and support marketing leaders in Africa. The AMC Members are also fully committed to observing each country’s unique and varying cultures, languages, standards of education and level of development which require home-grown marketing approaches and solutions designed and implemented by African themselves.

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The Uganda Marketers Society (UMS) is the leading organization for marketing professionals in Uganda. It is responsible for professional skills development, promotion of professional marketing standards and practices (i.e. Individual, Corporate and SMEs membership categories) and finally market research and consultancy.

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Technology Information Confederation Africa (TICONA)

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The leading Pan-African ICT professional body, dedicated to advancing knowledge, education, and collaboration for technology professionals across the African continent, proudly co-present our Inaugural TICONA Conference.

TICONA serves as a unifying platform for ICT professionals across Africa, aimed at promoting excellence in the field of technology through education, networking, and collaboration among our members. Our goal is to bring together a community of like-minded professionals who share a passion for advancing technology and driving innovation in Africa. This conference which we co-present with AMC, UMS and ICTAU will shape the future of technology in Africa and beyond.

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ICT Association of Uganda (ICTAU) is one of the Principal Members of TICONA. ICTAU is a multi-stakeholder initiative formed by private individuals from Uganda, with the vision of providing professional guidance to individuals and organisations in the private sector, as well as offering advisory services to the government on policy-based issues.

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AfricaPro works in partnership with professional bodies throughout Africa to organise their annual events, fostering collaboration and synergy among diverse professional bodies.

By connecting and aligning industry best practices, promoting collaboration among professional communities, and inspiring leadership, AfricaPro strives to create a more cohesive and effective professional landscape in Africa